PHY 181: Integrated Physics


This page is the course home page for Integrated Physics. On this page you can find the files used in class.


Here is the main syllabus for the course: Syllabus

Here is the syllabus addendum. Be aware that it will change: Syllabus Addendum

Text Addendum

This document contains concepts that the main text assumed to be known. It may also provide more details than the text. It is overly technical in its phrasing, so just try to understand the concepts. I provided more detail than needed in some instances because it seemed appropriate. Be aware that this document is still being written and will be updated periodically. When I post an update I will notify the class via email.


Test Resources

Front pages

The front page of the tests can be found here.


The objectives for each test are provided below.

Study guides

The study guides listed here contain problems involving mathematics that are similar to the problems that will be on the test. Do not neglect to study definitions and conceptual questions just because those questions do not appear here.


In the list below you will see the labs that we will be doing. As we progress, links to the handouts for the labs will be added below.


The worksheets are available for download and review in the list below. The earlier mistakes have been fixed in the these versions. Also, the questions on relative velocity have been moved verbatim from worksheet 2 to worksheet 1.